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Soojin Terresa Kim 

I am a Los Angeles based jewelry designer and founder of Suu Atelier inc. I create bespoke pieces that fuse my artistic sensibilities with clients’ aesthetic tastes to wearable works of art. 

After studying Fine Art, where I focused on glass and metal design in Japan, I achieved my Master of Arts, specializing in Glassblowing and Pate de Verre, in England. I embarked on a career as a glass artist and was selected for a few notable international Art & Craft Biennales. In 2005, a chance to visit to the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, Calif., marked a pivotal moment in time—one that would permanently alter the course of my life’s work. I found the natural beauty of gemstones and formulating colored glass shared similar chemical compounds in addition to the relative color changes that occur during treatment.

My fascination with jewels spurred me to hone my craft through work as a designer and illustrator in a rare stones collector and estate jewelry boutique in Beverly Hills for a couple of years. This passion and experience culminated in 2020, As I opened Suu Atelier inc, unveiling custom jewelry with singularly detailed and precise character in my signature witty style.

My newest and first collections lie one of my greatest inspirations:  the ocean, which I consider my sanctuary and source of meditation.

These new offerings represent deep respect for each living creature in the circle of life and my commitment to the conservancy. The new Collection is dedicated to endangered sea turtles; for each purchase, I will donate the profits to the ocean conservancy to support the preservation of endangered animals.

In 2022, I was chosen to participate in The 2022 Jewelry Loupe Project in 2022 cohort, sponsored by De Beers, which elevates the business program supported and led by expert contributors from the jewelry supply chain. 


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