Terms & Conditions


By placing an order on this website, you are bound by the shipping costs and fees associated with the purchase. This also incures shipping cost will be charged.

All credit and debit card numbers are encrypted with SSL (secure sockets layer), and are not accessible to us once the information has been placed in the system. This allows all card transactions to be safe on the website, as it is passed from the web browser and server. Your information is not stored in our system.

We do not share your information with any third party.

Once the transaction is approved, you will receive further information on your order.

Returns or exchanges must be made within 14 calendar business days. All items must be in brand new, unworn, and unused condition in order to receive a full refund, along with a copy of the receipt/invoice that is accompanied with it. A return address will be provided  along with your shipment. We are committed to satisfaction with each unique jewelry and glass design. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, please notify us promptly so we can address the issue.

Please note shipping costs will be deducted from the order total amount.

Items may vary in size from the photo. This depends on the photo and the detail that is shown on the photos in order to showcase each handmade item.

Each design is uniquely made. Time will vary from each design when it is made and after the order has been placed. This may cause a slight delay in shipment.

We do not carry an insurance policy along with your purchase. Normal wear and tear can cause damage to any item that is being worn or used for a period of time, causing a change to occur in the appearance of the item. If the item appears to be faulty, please notify us right away and we will repair the item within a normal time frame.